Tom Phillipson is an Australian Digital media producer, working primarily with video clip and motion graphics production, currently living in Berlin. In his career Tom has received a number of grants, with the most recent being from the Australia Council, the Australia Government Arts advisory body to establish a Berlin based production studio in 2012 at Stattbad Wedding.

Since relocating to Berlin, he has produced clips for electronic music heavyweights such as Dominik Eulberg, Piemont, Sacha Robotti, Noah Pred, Emerson Todd and Deepchild to name a few.


Over the past 5 years I have played in some of the most respected clubs and festivals in Berlin including Tresor, Week End, Gretchen, Cookies, Ritter Butzke, Lido, Tacheles, MIKZ, Asphalt and aswell as playing the last 4 years at Fusion Festival in Lärz. During this time I have supported visuals for acts such as GrooveriderNoisiaMarcus IntalexUlterior MotiveBlack MilkEl-PExile feat. BluKutmasta Kurt, James Pants and Deepchild to name a few.

Recent exhibitions include work in the Eastpak Artist Studio 2011 & 2012, Blooom Art Fair Köln, Supermarkt, Strychnin Gallery, Superplan, Neon Chocolate Gallery, China Heights & Oh Really Gallery.








2013 Video installation, DeerBAR, Berlin
2013 Oversized&Underpriced 4, Superplan, Berlin
2013 Illuminations Wedding, Supermarkt, Berlin
2012 Metropolitan, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin
2012 Eastpak Artist Studio, Tacheles, Berlin
2011 deerBLN 05, KAB, Bordeaux
2011 Five Quarters, Kunstfabrik, Berlin
2011 My Berlin, Neon Chocolate Gallery, Berlin
2011 Eastpak Artist Studio, Ruttkowski68, Cologne
2010 Monogarden, Oh Really Gallery, Sydney
2010 deerBLN 04, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin
2009 COFA Annual 09, Sydney
2009 deerBLN 03, Carhartt, Cologne
2008 Oversized & Underpriced 1, Hatch museum, Berlin
2008 Anonyme Zeichner N°9, Bethanien, Berlin
2007 Modulations, China Heights, Sydney
2007 Wooden Toy, Rancho Notorious, Melbourne
2006 Self Rising, Kudos Gallery, Sydney
2006 GAS06, Global Gallery, Sydney
2006 Construct, China Heights, Sydney

2012 Artstart, Australia Council (AUS)
2009 COFA Annual Award 2009 – Digital Media World Prize
2003 Duplex projekt, Australia Council (AUS)
2001 Squelch Radio Series, AMRAP (AUS)