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Molotow featured video

Our latest episode of has been featured by MOLOTOW on their site. Its huge for us to get this acknowledgement from such a industry leader..  Be sure to check the BOOGIE Video I produced also..    


Roskilde Festival 2015

Super excited, We have been invited as to cover the Graffiti festival as part of Roskilde Festival 2015..  The worlds largest annual music festival in Denmark.. Keep tuned for more info



A new element to Vantagepoint I started this year was the IN STUDIO behind the scenes videos, giving you a peek into the guests work spaces..  Like this one with Berlin based artist STOHEAD.


Vantagepoint Year in Review

What a crazy year its been on Vantagepoint..  Join us as we look back over some of our Favourite guests..  up now at


Radio Vantage point Update

The show continues to grow..  we have done 10 so far..  International heavy hitters like Buff Monster, Dave the Chimp to name a few. best check for up to date info

Interview with BUFF DISS

This week we had Buff Diss come in and talk Tape, Music and how he ended up in Berlin. After a bit of chaos with double booked studios, we ended up going back to my studio at Stattbad and made an impromptu radio studio.. which i might add, was actually […]


Interview with VIDAM

James Bullough and I have started a new radio show called Vantage Point. Its a artist interview show where we sit down with Contemporary, street and urban artists and discuss with them their work, their inspiration and what ever else seems to come up in the hour. Our first show […]