Gretchen once again, this time supporting Drum n Bass royalty that is Grooverider, Marcus Intalex and Ulterior Motive as part of the Recycle 18th birthday.  It will be mental.  Come down, 13 December..


VJ Support for NOISIA

Huge weekend coming up at Gretchen once more, this time im VJing supporting NOISIA.. Drum n bass massive.


Beatgeeks WKND SPCL

Crazy .. im playing as KABEL at Gretchen on the same bill as PEANUTBUTTER WOLF..  So hyped.  Its 18th of October..


Playing Fusion 2014

I have been booked again for Fusion.. 4th year in a row.. Always stoked to be playing as part of this festival.


Radio Vantage point Update

The show continues to grow..  we have done 10 so far..  International heavy hitters like Buff Monster, Dave the Chimp to name a few. best check for up to date info

Live set at Beatgeeks

So amped, I got to play live at Beatgeeks last night. All hardware, No Laptop. Check the music section to hear the set

Interview with BUFF DISS

This week we had Buff Diss come in and talk Tape, Music and how he ended up in Berlin. After a bit of chaos with double booked studios, we ended up going back to my studio at Stattbad and made an impromptu radio studio.. which i might add, was actually […]


Interview with VIDAM

James Bullough and I have started a new radio show called Vantage Point. Its a artist interview show where we sit down with Contemporary, street and urban artists and discuss with them their work, their inspiration and what ever else seems to come up in the hour. Our first show […]


Profiled on USESTHIS

I recently was asked to answer a few questions for the creative profiling website