Druck Berlin Print Festival

Druck Berlin is a festival orientated around silk screen print. It is the perfect opportunity to gain insight into an assortment of silk screen print methods from the best printers globally. It aims to provide a comprehensive look into everything silk screen print focused. With lots of live print action, an eclectic exhibition, fully stocked print shop, individual collections by different artists and plenty of creative interactions.

The festival is held at Stattbad, in Berlin, a swimming pool complex originally designed in the 60’s. Now running as a center for contemporary art, music and culture, it’s the perfect space for this festival. Most importantly, it’s large and water-proof!

The original Druck Berlin festival was held in August 2011, over 2 days and it showcased the local talents of the city only. However this year we’ll be occupying the Stattbad for a whole 9 days, by co-hosting their Christmas art market, the Stattmarkt. With the event so much larger in size, we are very excited to invite artists & printers from all over the world to take part.

Music: Kabel – Long distraction