Eastpak Artist Studio 2012

The 2012 Artist studio expanded its scope to include 130 artists from all over the world all working to raise funds for the project DAA.. Designers Against Aids..

The international launch of the exhibition was held at Tacheles in Berlin, a long standing and important part of Berlin’s cultural landscape.

Not only was I fortunate enough to have my bag selected for the exhibition, I also got to dj at the opening, alongside Tiefschwarz and Muschikreuzberg..

Also I got featured on the homepage for the project.. tres cool

Be sure to check the making of video at the end of the slideshow.
Its short video compilation of some of the artist’s in the process of making their bag’s..

For some reason, I am the first bag in the video.. which is pretty cool, also quicker for you if its just me you want to see : )