GAS06 Exhibition

For five days, GAS will feature the work of graphic design, illustration, photography, sculpture, film, street art and graffiti artists. It is themanifold collection of genres and works, which have no central, or particular theme, that also inspired the exhibition’s name.

The show was organized by chewy Sense Assualt, who now runs the cool No Vacancy galleries in Melbourne

The show featured a lot of different artists, including Buff Diss, YOK and Cultural urge..

For my part I had the robots in the show, and my panel was the I SPACE INVADE AUTOFLAVOUR.. which was based on a previous sticker design. This opening was also significant for another reason, i had been using a space invader design I came up with in my Autoflavour logo, completely unaware of the artist SPACE INVADER. That was until, I overheard someone mention how cool it was that SPACE INVADER was in the exhibition.  A few google searches later, I realised that I had been biting heavily on his whole idea, even though my illustration was not based from the game at all.

Needless to say, I stopped using the design.