Illuminations of Wedding Exhibition

Presented as part of Transmediale Vorspiel 2013, official partner programme of transmediale festival, this exhibition was at Supermarkt Wedding and presented some pretty heavy hitters in the digital art community

including Graffiti Research Lab, Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music and Malcolm Levy from New form festivals in Vancouver.

For my part, I presented video mapped installation featuring a vignette of different parts of Wedding, Berlin on a suspended multi panel screen.

At the end of the gallery, there are 2 short videos featuring the exhibition and the work.  I am interviewed reasonable coherently in the first one.

Artists: AUTO64 (Stattbad), Semiramis Ceylan & Jaime Schwartz (Graffiti Research Lab Germany), Hendrik Czakainski, Peter Kirn (Create Digital Music), Malcolm Levy (Hybridity / New Forms Festival), Susa Pop (Public Art Lab Berlin), Julia Vernersson & Ruuta Vimba (Kulturlabor Trial&Error) and Jemma Woolmore (Jem the Misfit).

Curators: Michelle O’Brien and Kristin Trethewey

Photo credit: Supermarkt