Metropolitan Exhibition

Another collaborative project with DeerBLN.. this time for his Book/DVD release for Metropolitan.

I created a new, more minimal animation this time using only his black and white illustrations and abstracted them into something completely different.

He had a solo show, where he curated a group exhibition in the back room on the same theme of Metropolitan. I also had a piece in that.

You can find the video at the end of the slideshow, or in the related articles below.

Participating artists are: AUTO64, Anni Fittkau, Andrew Greif, Brandon Lomax, Chris Dyer, Chris Dyer, Christian Tanzer, Christen Bach, Carole Bielicki, Cinnamon Nippard, Dan Boulton, Dominik Heilig, Elmer Presslee, Ghadah Alkandari, Gordon Leverton, Hilary Slater, James Bullough, Jason Wheatley , Jen Props, Joel Mejia, Johannes Baptista Ludwig, Kelli Yon, Luisa Catucci, Lily Mae Martin, Matthias Gephart, Michelle White, Miraschi, Noomi Fuchs, Oliver Pauk, Pathski, PISA 73, Paul Bishop, Raf Veulemans, Sebastian Otto, Spig, Shilo Jackson, Sibylle Fratzke, Simon Becker, Undenk Crew, Wolfgang Reimers, Zoe Ani.