Monogarden Exhibition

Examining the symbiotic and opposing interactions between architecture, nature and design.

This is the 3rd group show we have put together, and again the work presented continues to push the directions each of us work in.

My work for this show was based on the “.. and since you left project which I produced as part of my final degree work. Consisting of 19 prints of abandoned spaces in and around Berlin.

Robert Beson presented futuristic architectural code dystopias, and Deepchild got presented a series of lasercut vector illustrations.

The show was exhibited in Sydney at the Oh Really Gallery in Newtown in 2010.

Lots of people showed up on the opening night, which is always nice. especially when you see people you aint seen in a long while..

The nice thing about the location of the gallery though is the random pedestrian traffic on the weekend. I only gallery sat on the saturday and sunday, but we had about 90 people or so come through.

Lots of feedback on the artwork also.. and some good conversations..